Palm trees alert! Palm trees are basically everywhere in LA. You cannot miss it. When I passed by this street, I basically fell in love with the rows of palms. These trees remind me of fireworks. Don’t ya think?
IMG_9631When it comes to accessories, I pretty much like anything that resembles life and nature. Even though it doesn’t look like a powerful statement piece of jewellery but it has a significant meaning to what I believe.

IMG_9615IMG_9616 IMG_9617It’s finally hitting me that the fall season is approaching. Since I liked crop tops so much I basically fell in love with this sweater. I have to say you cannot ever go wrong with leggings and booties for the fall. Top the outfit with an extra bright Obey cap and your so street style ready!!
top Forever 21
bottoms American Apparel
hat Urban Outfitters
necklace Francesca’s
ring Francesca’s
shoes Steve Madden


*IMG_9496 IMG_9529

IMG_9493I took the sweats into a whole new level by glamming it up. No one said there are rules to fashion right? Who knew you could still look good with sweats, just put on those heels girl!



IMG_9499Even though it’s pretty hot during the day in LA, it gets super chilly at night. So you can never forget the jacket.. I don’t think I ever owned a camouflaged type of clothing. It’s definitely something new I am trying. Never afraid for a new change.

IMG_9472 - Version 2

 top Urban Outfitters
bottoms Zara
jacket Forever 21
bracelet BCBG
glasses Urban Outfitters
shoes Steve Madden


The Power of Kale

You may know kale as a ruffle type of veggie at the grocery. But did you know this type of veggie is a SUPERFOOD? When I say superfood, it means that it is nutrient dense and has many beneficial impacts for the health. Some health benefits include prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases… It is also low in calories, high in fiber and compacted with many nutrients including iron, calcium and vitamins A, C, K. So there’s no worry to consuming as much as you like!

IMG_9441Photography Laurina Wong

You might want to ask me, well most veggie contains the same amount of health benefits and just as many nutrients, so what’s the big deal?  If I can name you one veggie to take each week I would say Kale it is, also known as the “The King” of veggies. Most people assume that there’s abundant amount of calcium in milk. But, if you were to compare 100 g of kale and 100 g of milk (1%) you would be surprised to see that Kale, actually, contains higher amount of calcium than milk. 150 mg of Ca in Kale and 125 mg of Ca in milk (1%). Shocking right? There is so much on promotion of animal products that VEGGIES are barely talked about. We are definitely neglecting the high nutrient foods out there! Next time when you hit the grocery, give KALE a try.

If you don’t like eating salads because you think it’s a bit bland. Try making kale chips! It’s easy. Just simply remove the leaves off the stems, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil. And then bake it! It should come out very crispy, great for a healthy snack!

By the way, did you guys know that National Kale day was just the first Wednesday of October?! They celebrate this day annually for the promotion of health. How amazing is that? We need MORE awareness like this. Let me know your thoughts on kale!

Be hearty!

Sources USDA, Deepakfitnessworld

PLU Codes

Everyone knows that fruits and veggies are good for you. But have you ever wondered what are the numbers on the stickers of fruits and vegetables mean? Think twice before buying.

IMG_9422PLU stands for “Price lookup code”. These codes tell us whether your fruits or vegetables were grown conventionally, organically or genetically modified. If the PLU code has a four digit number it means that it is conventionally grown. This means that the food was grown using chemicals like pesticides, herbicides..

How about a five digit number starting with a 9? Well, this means that your apple below is organically grown. YES! Free pesticides and herbicides and all that CHEMICALS!

IMG_9426Photography Laurina Wong

Yup, not only organic is good for you. It also benefit the environment! What a BONUS!

If you recall, I mentioned that organically grown foods has a five digit number starting with an eight. Genetically modified (GMO) foods, also, has a five digit number but starting with a nine. So be sure you catch that when you buy your groceries!  Genetically modified foods are a DANGER! They are basically foods that are genetically engineered with specific traits of an organism’s DNA into our foods. Yup you heard me loud and clear.This is usually done to strengthen the crop’s ability to perform in certain situation. Resistant to floods, faster growth, bigger crops.  Soybeans, corn, potatoes, rice…these are just the few of them.

Most people would say organic is expensive, so they go with the conventionally grown crops. But if you think about it, you should spend more money now than spend more later in the hospital…

Eat right for your health!

Sources drfranklipman

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