Tannins X Non-heme Iron BAD COMBO


Tea/coffee PLUS non-heme Iron bad combo mix!

There are certain foods that really don’t go very well together. Tea/coffee X non-heme iron are definitely one of them. Just a quick explanation of iron. There are two types of iron found in foods, heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron are found in meats sources while non-heme are found in plant based sources legumes, leafy greens… Non-heme iron decreases absorption of iron in our bodies when paired with tea/coffee. What causes this type of reaction? Tea contains polyphenols called tannins that causes non-heme iron to form an insoluble compound thus inhibiting iron absorption!

TIP for all the coffee/tea lovers, vegetarians/vegans, and those who are anemic: Never pair NON-heme iron with tea/coffee with your meals. Best to consume your coffee/tea about an hour after your meals.

Stay Hearty.

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Sunset Cliff



 Have you guys ever been to a place that you never wanted to leave? When I was on my trip to San Diego at Sunset Cliff it felt so surreal. The water, the cliff and the whole beach was beyond what I have seen. It was a challenge trying to get down the cliff and being able to captivate the scenery. There was no clear path to get down there. Luckily, we made it safe and sound and really got to enjoy this fantastic nature. Sometimes you really need to get away from reality and enjoy what mother nature has to offer.

Hope all of you are enjoying Christmas Eve with your family. Merry x-mas! XOXO

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Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives


Photography Laurina Wong

Many people associate milk with Calcium (Ca). Strong bones and just a healthier body overall. Most people would say milk is the best drink a child should have during their development. And its true, I have been educated that milk can prevent osteoporosis even in my nutrition classes back in undergrad. The idea of drinking two glasses of milk each day sank in even more. However, just last year I came across to a post on Facebook noting the ingredients that are in milk. Pus, blood, antibiotics, hormones, and many growth hormones all found in MILK. I was pretty horrified to know that I was not aware of these containments. And of course, I did a research on this before switching to other alternatives in the market. Soy is definitely a popular source, however almond, rice, hemp, flax are also on the rise.

I highly suggest drinking the above non-dairy alternatives. They contain as much calcium and they have even fortified some vitamins (including vitamin B12…) just so consumers could get all the nutritional benefits! How awesome!  Most non-dairy alternatives nowadays contain higher amounts of calcium, vitamin D than milk, so you don’t have to worry about not obtaining enough. For those who are lactose intolerant go give these a try! These alternatives would treat you much better!

The Hidden Truth

Pus yellowish-greenish thick fluid found in infected tissues
Blood YES, certain amounts of pus & blood are allowed in milk
recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) injected into dairy cows to increase levels of milk production
Antibiotics are used to treat sick cows. This is very commonly used when rBGH is injected into dairy cows, this elevates the stress levels of cows which causes mastitis leading to infections.

Stay Hearty.

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Sunset Swirl

IMG_0431It’s been a few weeks ago since I took these sunset photos! It’s definitely getting colder in LA, couldn’t have pulled these off now. Taking sunset photos are definitely a challenge, you really need the best lighting. And you really need to snap those photos as fast as you can before it disappears on you. I managed to get a few photos of me swirling! Can you guess which beach I am in LA? This is by far my favourite beach.

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