Snack on Healthier Chips

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A few months ago, when I was in Whole Foods I found these amazing snacks! I’ve always loved yams, especially yam tempuras. When I saw this I knew I had try it out. If you are going for a healthier snack try these! They are packed with chia seeds, quinoa, golden flax, radish seed and broccoli seeds! These seeds added have been sprouted through the process of germination. Many seeds and beans contain enzyme inhibitiors (phytic acid, lectins, tannins) that can interfere with nutrient (vitamin & mineral) absorption in the body. You will know many people soak their beans over night to decrease cooking time the next day. Little did they know, the biggest benefit they are doing are sprouting the beans to eliminate enzyme inhibitors. Next time you soak your seeds or beans, think about the nutrient benefits your about to get!

Sprouting Benefits 
Vitamins & Minerals
Nutrient Absorption

IMG_0484For all my vegan and gluten free friends, this is the product for YOU! There are 6 flavours in total. I have only tried the Sweet Potatos and Naked Blue flavours. Hoping to stock up on Multi-Grain, Black Bean, Sweet Chili, and Unbeatable Blues soon. Comment below and let me know if you guys have tried any of the other flavours, I’ll like to know!
Stay Hearty.

Source WayBetterSnacks

The Power of Red Wine

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Who would have thought that alcohol could be beneficial for your body? When talking about alcohol, red wine wins the title of a hearty liquor. Remember though, red wine is best consumed moderately for the effect of staying young and maintaining a healthy heart. Never overdo something, like the saying goes, “Less is more”.  Every now and then I try to consume a glass of red wine each week. My favourite brands so far are J. Lohr Estates & Smoking Loon. I would say they both contain fruity notes and mild acid in taste. Just the way I like it.

Red wine contains high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols. The polyphenols known in red wine is called RESVERATROL. RESVERATROL comes from the extract of grapes of skin & seeds when fermented during the wine process. Like I said in my previous post on, “The Power of Papaya” I have explained that antioxidants help you stay young by fighting free radicals!

Healthy Heart
Increasing levels of “HDL” good cholesterol
Prevention of blood clots
Protection of lining of blood vessels in heart

Cheers & enjoy!

Stay Hearty.

Source Mayoclinic


HI*IMG_0361 *IMG_0363IMG_0348Who needs leather joggers, when you can wear FAUX leather? These joggers are so comfortable yet so stylish. You really can’t go wrong with a simple top. Here, I paired it with a very simple turtle neck dress (worn as a top), with a lacey cut out back that adds a little feminine side to the outfit.
IMG_0328*IMG_0319Attempting to do a hair flip, FAILED!
IMG_0302IMG_0305 *IMG_0298*IMG_0283*IMG_0370*IMG_0387Have you guys seen the detox fashion video yet?! Click HERE to watch it.
*IMG_0397*IMG_0408*IMG_0374top (dress, worn as a top) Zara
bottoms Urban Outfitters
cuff bracelet Celine
necklace Urban Outfitters
shoes Sam Edelman

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