Journey of a Dress Inspired


When I got to the Journey of a Dress Exhibition I was inspired by DVF’s dresses. All the wrap dresses had beautiful designs and with many unique prints on them. I was amazed to see even Amy Adams from American Hustle was wearing the wrap dress in the movie. My favourite was the green one she was wearing. When I was shopping the next day my instinct totally gravitated me toward this green printed dress! Never would I have picked it out if it wasn’t for the wrap dress inspiration! Did you guys go to the exhibit? If so, which one was your ABSOLUTE favourite?


purse Michael Kors
shoes Zara

Superfood Spirulina

There are so many foods that are classified as superfood and spirulina happens to be one of them. Not many people know about spirulina and to be honest I only knew about this about one year ago.When I first encountered spirulina, I wasn’t a big fan on the smell and taste of it. Slowly, I started adding spirulina into juices and fell in love with it. Spirulina is an algae (cyanobacteria) that relies its food source from the sun just like plants do. Unlike most algae, Spirulina is a superfood. Superfood meaning that it is very nutrient dense and has many benefits to health and well-being. Just consuming small amounts of superfoods can give you large doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. How awesome is that?  If everyone could pay more attention to all the nutrient dense foods no one would be lacking certain vitamins and minerals. Nowadays, people are consuming a “HIGH calorie diet and LOW in nutrient food”. And some people may not even realize that they may be eating foods that are even low in nutrients. My goal here is to educate what I know by guiding your way to Staying Hearty. 

Some Health benefits

High PROTEIN-this is great for all the vegetarians/vegans to obtain their protein. For all the meat eaters out there, this would be a great substitute.
High IRON- great for vegans/veg, people who are anemic and also great for women who are menstruating every month.
High in OMEGA 3′s-6′s-9′s.
High CHLOROPHYLL- Chlorophyll removes toxins from the blood by building new red blood cells.

I could go on with more health benefits, but these are the few of the health benefits that really stood out for me. I hope by reading my posts you guys are able to learn something new each time.

Stay Hearty.

Source Wellnessmama



About two months ago when I purchased this faux fur coat I didn’t have a chance to wear it at all due to the hot weather in LA. There’s really no need to purchase any winter clothes here. OK, maybe some. But generally speaking no you wouldn’t need any. A few weeks ago just when I thought the temperature was dropping I decided to wear it!  The weather was seriously playing with me. What looked super cloudy to me turned out to be warm and sunny when I stepped out. At that moment I was already feeling quite warm with the black sweater and I couldn’t imagine adding that faux fur coat on top. Luckily, the photos turned out pretty well and I’m glad it didn’t look like I was suffering from the heat. haha

top Kitson
faux coat Urban Outfitters
pants Foreign Exchange
purse Saint Laurent
shoes Stuart Weitzman

Cleansing out

IMG_2131 IMG_2117IMG_2120IMG_2134

Let’s start off this Monday right by JUICING! I have always wanted to post this but was trying to find the right recipe that I liked. This GREEN juice has been my latest obsession. Spinach, Celery, Carrots, Apples, Grapes. This combination is great for who ever wants a subtle sweet taste and going for that freshness. Oh yeah just for your info, I bought my apples and celery organic! Do you guys remember my “Must eat Organic post”, click HERE if you haven’t seen it yet. Too bad, I couldn’t find organics in spinach and grapes at my local grocery.

As much as I like drinking juice, I really prefer juicing than buying bottled juice. Most bottled juice contains excessive sugar and extracts all the fibres out of the goodness of Vegs/Fruits. Not only that, bottled juices are pasteurized meaning that it has been heated at a very high temperature in a short time which kills bacteria, micro-organisms, molds for food safety reasons. However, this also kills the vitamins and enzymes!

So juicing is the BETTER option here. I can’t stress enough that so many people are juicing the wrong way. Most juice machines are extracting all the fibres out leaving behind vital nutrients from skins of fruits/vegs. If you are really going for that healthy diet, please try to eat all the FIBRES! All that fibres is going to clean out your colon giving you regular bowel movements.  There are so many good juice machines out there that help retain all that fibres. Looking for one isn’t hard but the real problem is the cost of it. The really good ones can cost up to $500 dollars. If you are really not into eating vegs/fruits I really suggest investing on a juicer like Nutribullet, it’s really easy to use and clean up is fantastic. I got mine for $100 dollars. I know there are so many cheaper juicers out there but I don’t really recommend it because it burns out so quickly or the motor gets heated too fast. Do you guys juice? Share me your recipes here, I’ll love to try it!

Stay Hearty.

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