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Do you guys see some similarity with one of my past outfits? I wore this dress in this post HERE where I styled it as a top. I completely fell in love with this dress not only was it such a cute black dress, I was able to style this dress in so many ways. As you can see I styled this dress in two different ways here. The first batch of photos here was actually taken 1 month ago when I was in San Diego at La Jolla beach. I was hesitant to post these photos as some of the photos didn’t capture the essence of what I imagined. When I got back to LA, I decided to retake this outfit. However, I decided to recreate this look differently by styling it with the bows of the dress shirt out.  This is EXACTLY the one reason why every girl needs to own a black dress, such a versatile piece! Layering is the key to achieving this outfit, plus who would have thought you could still look good with layering necklaces. Let me know if you guys layer any of your outfits!

dress Zara
top American Apparel
ring & watch Urban Outfitters
boots Zara

Vitamin C X Non-Heme Iron

Photography Laurina Wong

On my previous health post I have noted the reason not to consume tea/coffee with non-heme iron, click here to see it. If you are wondering how to increase your non-heme iron levels, you have come to the right place. Starting to eat healthy really gets down to knowing how nutrients work. While vitamin C (a.k.a. ascorbic acid) and non-heme iron (found in plant based sources) are put together they form a really good relationship, mostly benefiting non-heme iron. It has been known that the pairings of vitamin C and non-heme iron can increase absorption of iron in the body. This is done by ascorbic acid reducing ferric to the ferrous iron form. This form of soluble iron allows the stomach to absorb easily. So, don’t hesitate next time if you drink orange juice or consume any vitamin C with any non-heme iron sources. Gotta give credits to the great iron ENHANCER for this.

Stay Hearty.

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This post is by far my sportiest post on the blog. When I got to LA, I was really inspired by some of the fashion especially Jordan. When I heard the Air Jordan Retro Taxi 12s were coming out I was drawn to getting one. However, it sucks to know that all Jordans must be raffled (this only holds true for men sizes though). Girl sizes were easy to obtain, as Jordan shoes are not highly favored toward women than men are. As soon as my boyfriend found out he wasn’t one of the raffle winners, we knew there was no way of getting them. However, this didn’t stop me from looking. I went to the mall and asked every single sneaker stores whether they still had any Taxi 12s that didn’t get picked up. And lucky enough, I was able to surprise him with the taxi 12s for our anniversary. Finally, after a long battle I got my hands on them. My first pair of Retro Jordans. What are your thoughts on Jordans? Let me know!

top Aritzia & Club Monaco
bottom Aritzia
cap New Era
shoes Nike

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