Distressed Jeans


Distressed jeans has been my new favourite pants to go to! They are so comfy and seems like they have been the latest trend! I am even thinking of cutting the holes of my jeans bigger. What do you guys think? I have never tried customizing my own clothes before. Feeling creative these days. Have you guys ever customized your own clothes before? Any tips? Want to send LA’s sunshine to all my freezing viewers!

dress (worn as a tank top) Zara ( love THIS)
sweater Zara
jeans Hollister (similiar HERE)
bag Zara
heels Zara

How to test your pH


First of, let’s clarify what is pH? pH is the measurement of hydrogen ions in a solution. The pH scale measures 0-14. Meaning the lower the pH the higher the acidity and higher the pH the higher the alkalinity. So how do you test your pH levels? You can simply purchase litmus paper, which is a yellow paper that can be bought at your local pharmacy store. There are two ways of measuring your pH at home: 1. Saliva Test or 2. Urine Test. Both of them will give you a general indication of your health. However, if you want an accurate reading blood analysis will be best.

Two Methods

1. Saliva Test
Saliva Test is usually best done after 1-2 hours of eating and please don’t brush your teeth before you test it. Anything you ingest in your mouth will just simply give a reading to what you had. First, collect a sample of saliva in a cup and dip the litmus paper into it. After the paper has made contact with the saliva, compare the color on the litmus paper with the color coded chart of the pH.

2. Urine Test
Just like the saliva test, collect a sample of urine in a cup and dip the litmus paper into it. Once there is direct contact with the litmus paper and urine compare the color on the litmus paper with the color coded chart of the pH.

pH generally fluctuates from morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, it’s best to test your pH levels through out the day for at least one week to get a better indication of your health.

Your optimal pH range should be between 7.4 to 8.0 to reduce health problems and diseases.

Stay tuned for next week post, I will be taking you into some of the acidic forming and alkalinity forming foods. What you should avoid and what you should really eat to maintain a 7.4-8.0 pH reading. And why is it important to eat alkaline forming foods. Hope this post was helpful! Let me know where your pH scale is at!

Stay Hearty.

Jewels out

IMG_1926IMG_1834IMG_1852IMG_1882IMG_1944IMG_1823IMG_1868IMG_1913IMG_1835IMG_1938IMG_1920IMG_1963IMG_1966 IMG_1976

This outfit is all about the jewels! I rarely wear any necklaces if you have noticed from my previous posts! This is why this dress is the perfect combo when it comes to jewels and style! It’s like getting the deal of 2 in 1 package! Because of the dark grey tone of the dress I had to pair the dress with a wrap up plaid dress to spice the outfit up. As you can tell I really had a great time taking these photos at Venice Beach. shhh..don’t tell the lifeguard on me for stepping in their own space. Hope you all are having a great week!

dress Urban Outfitters (also love THIS)
tank top Aritzia
plaids Urban Outfitters (similiar HERE & HERE)
bracelets Madewell
socks H &M
shoes Steve Madden

Dangers of Sprouts

IMG_2393Have you guys thought of how sprouts could be a danger for your health? Every now and then, we see sprouts in salads, pho and pita and never have we stopped to think about bacteria growth. What seems to be nutritious for your body happens to be causing numerous outbreaks and recalls every year. WHY? This boils down to the very first step, the production process. Never listen to whomever tells you that sprouts are bacteria free and that the process of producing them are clean. Because they are never clean. Sprouting occurs when the seeds are kept at a HIGH humidity and temperature for 4-7 days in water. YES this is how you sprout the seeds before plantation. During this process filthy deadly bacteria are growing inside the seeds due to the favourable conditions.  So make sure to cook your sprouts thoroughly before you ingest them!

Stay Hearty.

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