Socks with Heels

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Recently, I have been obsessed with socks and heels pairing. Briefly, browsing on Nasty Gal and THEN it was the prints that immediately caught my attention. It’s always good to experiment with new things. When my sister saw the pairing she totally fell in love with the heels. Later, I told her that I was actually wearing socks with them. She was shocked at how the socks blended in so well. I have also worn the same heels HERE  without the socks. Learn to accessorize and have fun! You will never know what works and what doesn’t. These photos are by far my favourite! Heart LA. Are you guys a big fan of this look?

top Zara
suspender skirt UNIF
jacket BCBG
clutch Zara
socks Nasty Gal
heels Zara

Calcium X Oxalic Acid

Spinach known for it’s iron content in the plant- based family. Like Popeye would tell you, eating spinach will make you strong. As this pertains true, we shouldn’t rely on this vegetable entirely for your vitamins/minerals intake. Spinach is found to have very high oxalic acids, an organic compound, which inhibits calcium absorption. Oxalic acids bind to calcium to form an insoluble salt compound known as calcium oxalate. This formation of calcium oxalate poses a risk since this form is the most common kidney stone crystal. A solution of getting rid of the oxalic acid is by boiling or steaming your spinach. However, this also leaches out the nutrient content. I highly recommend eating a diversity of veggies and never depend on one particular one.

Some High/Low Oxalic Acids Greens..

High Oxalic Acids (Raw Greens)
Swiss Chard
Beet Greens
Brussel Sprouts
Mustard Greens

Low Oxalic Acids (Raw Greens)
Bok Choy
Collard Greens
Pea Greens
Broccoli Rabe/Rapini
Alfafa Sprouts

Stay Hearty.

Sources lowoxlateinfo, askGeorgie

Silver Oxfords


Let me start off by telling you how excited I was able to find these Silver Oxfords! Few months ago, I was obsessed with the Nike Airmax 1 SP ”Metallic Silver” and of course I wasn’t able to get my hands on them. They were limited and even if you could buy them now they are overpriced. I am not a Nike Airmax fan but when I saw the color I totally fell in love with them. So many different companies now carry this kind of colored shoes including Zara. I had to pair this dark outfit with these Silver Oxfords to add that brightness to it. Who else is OBESSED with these metallic silvers?

top American Apparel
skirt H &M
necklace Madewell
purse Michael Kors
shoes Zara 

Blackstrap Molasses

IMG_9542I have always known that molasses was a common ingredient used for baking cookies, cakes and such. They are the black syrupy vicious looking liquid that can taste pretty awful. Thankfully, there are so many recipes out there that can totally hide the bittersweet taste. One common way of consuming this is by simply adding hot water to this syrup and drinking it as a hot beverage. If you don’t mind the taste you could totally just consume this alone. When I first tried this out I am not going to lie but I was totally not a huge fan of it. Slowly I found out the benefits of consuming this nutrient dense goodness baby! Try replacing molasses next time when you are about to add white sugar instead. This is definitely a winner when it comes to vitamin & mineral nutrition. When purchasing this product, make sure to buy the UNSULPHURED version instead of the sulphured one, as this is better for your health and the environment. Let me know your experience with molasses!

Health Benefits

High IRON-great for vegans/veg, people who are anemic and also great for women who are menstruating every month.
High CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM-bone growth
High Vitamin B6
High COPPER- great for hair growth and pigmentation. I was told if you are starting to loose your hair color, add this to your daily diet and you will slowly see your natural hair color coming back.

Stay Hearty.

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