Goji Berries

IMG_2907Goji berries have been around for thousand of years in China, they are so popular in asia because they are known as the longevity fruit. Most people in Asia would boil them in soups, brew them in teas or even eat them raw. Recently, I have been seeing more western brands promoting the health of goji berries. Looks like goji berries are going international and are known for their powerful benefits! If you ever want to try them out, try adding them in smoothies, salads, trail mixes, oatmeals or just consuming them RAW!

Health Benefits
HIGH protein content
Increase strength & immune system
Trace minerals: Zinc, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Phosphorous,
Vitamins: B1, B2, B6, E

Stay Hearty.

90′s Vibe


Do you guys feel the 90′s vibe through these photos? I feel lucky that I was able to experience this period of fashion when I was growing up. I remember overalls were part of an essential item. If you don’t own a pair your definitely missing out! The flares of these overalls are the main part why I bought these! I remember back in elementary school when flares were so in..Not going to lie these overalls were so long for me I had to pair it with super super high heels. Not kidding, I was like 6’0 tall after wearing them.. first time I felt like a huge giant! oooO..do you guys see something new in this post? Something unusual? No..it’s not the skateboard. I want to announce that I am planning to incorporate more foods/drinks into my outfit posts! So you guys can all see what I am eating/drinking as well! Would you guys be interested? Let me know! Stay beautiful in & out loves!

t o p  Urban Outfitters
o v e r a l l s  Urban Outfitters (this is CUTE)
d r i n k  Suja Juice (want to try THIS)
b a c k p a c k  Urban Renewal
s k a t e b o a r d  Dusters


Today is another SUPERFOOD nutrient rich introduction! This week is all about chlorella! Chlorella is a single-celled microalgae that is known for being a detoxifer! When I found out what this superfood does I totally got obsessed with eating these tablets everyday! I think this might be the essential nutrient rich tablet for whoever consumes a lot of seafood or even someone who is looking for a great detox method! Approximately, 12 tablets of these greenies (3 grams) will give you 60.8% of protein!! How amazing is that?? Chlorella is also known to provide HIGH iron, vitamin A & 12 contents..click HERE to check out all the nutritional facts! It will surprise you!

Some MAJOR Health benefits
-POWERFUL detoxifier (help in obtaining more oxygen, eliminate toxins in bowel, liver, blood, METALS..)
-boosts immune system
-Fights bad breath

Stay Hearty.

Source Mercola

Technical Skirt

IMG_0091IMG_0133IMG_0144IMG_0119 IMG_0148 IMG_0214

Last weekend, I attended the Simply Stylist Conference, it was really nice to connect with some of the top bloggers/stylist including Chriselle Lim..make sure to check out my Instagram for the behind the scene photos at the event!

Talking about the weekend, couldn’t be happier to have spent my sunday at Manhattan Beach. Now that I have a full time job, I barely see the sun and I purposely came out to soak up all the sun for the week. hehe jk. It was indeed the perfect weather to come out and enjoy sun tanning. As you guys have heard, it was burning hot on Sunday. It was one of those days when the heat was unbearable. It felt like summer! Can you tell that my skirt looks a little different? It’s definitely a very thick texture to be wearing out on Sunday, but regardless I love the mesh designs. Have a great week loves!

t o p American Apparel
s k i r t Zara
h a t Foreign Exchange
c l u t c h Zara
s h o e s Steve Madden (love THIS)


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