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I am finally back for an outfit post! Not going to lie but the past few weeks have been super hectic with my work. It seems like every week work just keeps getting busier and busier and I can’t get myself motivated to post anything. I really hope to get back on a weekly routine to post all my outfit & food posts..I really miss it! In two weeks time, I will start attending some accounting classes which means my week will get crazier.. I really hope I can manage it. With that said I may need to figure out a better routine to manage everything.

Here’s to my latest outfit post taken with Jacaranda and my flared out plant based pants paired with the ruffled crop top tank! The key to this outfit is to focus on a fitted top when the bottom is baggy. Remember opposite attract! Time to get my beauty sleep and start a fresh day at work tomorrow. Goodnight loves!

top Zara
bottoms Zara
Sunglasses Victoria Beckham

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