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The idea of adopting never came across to me until 1 year ago my sister explained to me how dogs/cats end up in the shelter. At first, I was a bit hesitant like anybody would when they hear about the adoption idea. I thought if I could buy a pet from the pet store why wouldn’t I? They are clean and vaccinated. However, little did I know that approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are being euthanized each year in the US alone because of the limitation of space at shelters. Basically, many dogs/cats are abandoned by their owners and brought to the shelter and too little people are adopting.


False Assumptions about Shelters

1. Many of them have contracted some sort of disease, categorizing them as dirty. 
Most of them are generally pretty healthy. When the dogs/cats are brought into the shelter, all of them are vaccinated and either spayed or neutered before they are brought to a new home. So you can be sure that they are going to be healthy and given proper health care before you adopt. 

2.Most of the animals are in their senior years.
Many people assume that shelters’ cats/dogs are probably a 5+ years old, however you may be surprised to find some of the youngest puppies/kittens as young as a few months old. 

3.Many have experienced abusive homes.
 Many people assume that the animals brought into shelters have probably been abused and that’s how they end up there. However, most pet owners turn their pets into shelters because of lack of time, allergies, financial issues, and many personal reasons.

One thing that really caught my attention about the pet industry was how we are indirectly supporting puppy/kitty mills when we purchase from pet stores. Puppy/kitty mills are basically a factory that breed dogs/cats for profit. These mills do not consider the welfare of animals and forbid the buyers (pet stores, internet) from seeing where the animals are from. Parents of puppies/kitties are kept in cage for many years and basically they are used to breed until they have no ability to breed anymore. When they become no use to the mills they are either killed or abandoned. Many studies have shown that many puppies/kitties who have experienced in these mills are most likely to have behavioral or health problems in the future.

Please ADOPT if you can at your local shelters! It’s cheaper adopting than buying from a pet store!
SPCA or Humane Society are some of the well known shelters you may want to look into near your home. You can now view the profile and pictures of the pet online and find the right match before seeing in person!

Source Humane Society

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