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Let’s start off this Monday right by JUICING! I have always wanted to post this but was trying to find the right recipe that I liked. This GREEN juice has been my latest obsession. Spinach, Celery, Carrots, Apples, Grapes. This combination is great for who ever wants a subtle sweet taste and going for that freshness. Oh yeah just for your info, I bought my apples and celery organic! Do you guys remember my “Must eat Organic post”, click HERE if you haven’t seen it yet. Too bad, I couldn’t find organics in spinach and grapes at my local grocery.

As much as I like drinking juice, I really prefer juicing than buying bottled juice. Most bottled juice contains excessive sugar and extracts all the fibres out of the goodness of Vegs/Fruits. Not only that, bottled juices are pasteurized meaning that it has been heated at a very high temperature in a short time which kills bacteria, micro-organisms, molds for food safety reasons. However, this also kills the vitamins and enzymes!

So juicing is the BETTER option here. I can’t stress enough that so many people are juicing the wrong way. Most juice machines are extracting all the fibres out leaving behind vital nutrients from skins of fruits/vegs. If you are really going for that healthy diet, please try to eat all the FIBRES! All that fibres is going to clean out your colon giving you regular bowel movements.  There are so many good juice machines out there that help retain all that fibres. Looking for one isn’t hard but the real problem is the cost of it. The really good ones can cost up to $500 dollars. If you are really not into eating vegs/fruits I really suggest investing on a juicer like Nutribullet, it’s really easy to use and clean up is fantastic. I got mine for $100 dollars. I know there are so many cheaper juicers out there but I don’t really recommend it because it burns out so quickly or the motor gets heated too fast. Do you guys juice? Share me your recipes here, I’ll love to try it!

Stay Hearty.

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  1. My dad has his own “garden” (which my brother and I call the heavenly garden because he grows everything there except bananas and coconuts lol) and he usually makes us fruit juices. One that I particularly like includes apples, pears, an orange, and sometimes (if he really gets experimental) he adds in quinces. But it all tastes really good because it’s so fresh and you can taste all the fruits. I avoid buying bottled juice as well.

  2. This looks like it will taste delicious. I alternate drinking my lunch and dinner. This will be a nice alternative for lunches.
    I agree about losing the valuable fiber when juicing. It seems to me that all the good stuff is being thrown away.

    Barbara @

  3. I also hate packed juice, I rather juice myself but hate the cleaning process.

  4. I really like juices like this one, but an sadly too lazy to make them most of the time =/

  5. I hate bottled juice!

  6. i have been really into juicing lately – having smoothies for breakfast! i usually put frozen banana, frozen berries, greek yoghurt or coconut milk, chia seeds, honey, large handful of spinach, half an avocado and sometimes a kiwi fruit. pretty much as much as i can fit into the blender! so yummy!

    reckless abandon

  7. There’s something about the words “cleansing” and “juicing” that now strikes fear within my very core. Because that’s essentially what I’ve been subsisting on since getting my wisdom teeth removed. I do feel a bit healthier, though. :P

    Sincerely, Christine from Invisible Blush

  8. I love making green juices! I went through a phase where I was obsessed with drinking them every morning but now I don’t have the time to. They taste so good though!

  9. I did a juice cleanse at the beginning of January and LOVED it! I bought one of those 3-day juice cleanse programs though. You have me seriously thinking about investing in a juicer. Great post! @MOREveganblog

  10. I have added a kale + spinach smoothie to my diet a few times a week to try and get more veggies- with a banana and some coconut milk, it’s a great recipe! :)


  11. Great post, I love it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, I just followed you on BLOGLOVIN. Would love if you followed back :)

  12. hooo.. looks tasty and of course healthy! gonna try it!

  13. This way you can drink your nutrition. I’ve tried juicing too.. This one time I made extra and I refrigerated it. I couldnt drink it after. I threw the entire thing. So now I make enough for one time!

    Defining Me

  14. I don’t juice but I probably should. This one looks yummy :D

    xx Mira

  15. Oh, it loks so delicious, i love juicing too!

  16. oohhh.. this looks interesting.. i’ve been hearing all about juicing since last year. should really look into doing it since i wanna start being healthier this year. :)

    Animated Confessions

  17. Your green juice looks really good. Think I’ll have to try it!


  18. Thanx for sharing this recipe! I love natural and fresh drink!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

  19. So healthy! I should really get into that x

  20. thanks for advice, just in time for my detox haha
    also loved your blender

  21. I agree about the bottled juice from the stores and
    homemade food are always better c: This drink
    sounds really healthy and delicious! Love that has
    organice ingredients as well! Xx

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