Dangers of Sprouts

IMG_2393Have you guys thought of how sprouts could be a danger for your health? Every now and then, we see sprouts in salads, pho and pita and never have we stopped to think about bacteria growth. What seems to be nutritious for your body happens to be causing numerous outbreaks and recalls every year. WHY? This boils down to the very first step, the production process. Never listen to whomever tells you that sprouts are bacteria free and that the process of producing them are clean. Because they are never clean. Sprouting occurs when the seeds are kept at a HIGH humidity and temperature for 4-7 days in water. YES this is how you sprout the seeds before plantation. During this process filthy deadly bacteria are growing inside the seeds due to the favourable conditions.  So make sure to cook your sprouts thoroughly before you ingest them!

Stay Hearty.

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  1. we had a sprout scare a few years ago here in Germany. For a while no one was exactly sure what was contaminated and it turned out to be sprouts. They quickly disappeared from all the shelves, but after a few months, everyone forgot about what had happened and sprouts returned. I actually LOVE sprouts especially when they are uncooked and crunchy, too bad they can be dangerous :X

    rae of lovefromberlin.net/

  2. Wow, that is good to know, I am pretty familiar with food safety, but did not know this, I don’t like sprouts anyway, but will eat them in a salad…until now!
    XX, Elle

  3. this is really an information to many, now I am aware of it…thanks to you for posting article like this…

  4. Absolutely stunning!

  5. Oh, it seems very interesting…
    Thank you very much for your advice!
    Kisses from Italy!!!

  6. thanks for ur advice ^^
    this is my second visit :)
    liked ur previous post with the striped high heels ^^

  7. Thanks for sharing this dear!

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  8. Well in my country I rarely see them anywhere, it’s not a common dish here, so I guess we are safe ;) Thanks for the warning! XO

  9. Very helpful information thanks.

  10. I really like bean sprouts in my pho. Great info! I adore your blog.

  11. This makes sense, thanks for the tip!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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