Jewels out

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This outfit is all about the jewels! I rarely wear any necklaces if you have noticed from my previous posts! This is why this dress is the perfect combo when it comes to jewels and style! It’s like getting the deal of 2 in 1 package! Because of the dark grey tone of the dress I had to pair the dress with a wrap up plaid dress to spice the outfit up. As you can tell I really had a great time taking these photos at Venice Beach. shhh..don’t tell the lifeguard on me for stepping in their own space. Hope you all are having a great week!

dress Urban Outfitters (also love THIS)
tank top Aritzia
plaids Urban Outfitters (similiar HERE & HERE)
bracelets Madewell
socks H &M
shoes Steve Madden

45 Responses to Jewels out

  1. That top is AMAZING! Seriously beautiful. And your pics make me miss CA!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  2. Love the embellishment on your dress.
    Have fun! xo

  3. wishing here was summer:/ cool pictures!
    hope you will check out our new post on the

  4. I love all the intricate details on that tank!


  5. lovely photos! They make me miss LA so much! You are very pretty and i love the grungy feel to this outfit. the integration of jewels in this shirt is also really genius.

    rae of

  6. I see u that you come to my blog!!! was very nice to see new comments of new people!! =) Amazing look, a very nice pictures. I really love the shirt =) have a amazing day <3 <3 <3

  7. I love love love your pictures! They are really cool! i wish i could be in California right now, and love your dress :)

  8. Love that outfit.. especially those shoes <3 You look great in it!

    xoxo Chaicy – Style..A Pastiche!

  9. i just love your style<3 followed!

  10. Wonderful! You look awesome and I love the background. Am so jealous – miss the summer so much and the beach.


  11. Love these pictures, we can totally feel how happy you were while shooting them! The locations are to die for!

  12. beautiful photoshoot! you’re making us really miss summer and the beach!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

  13. Nice pics! You look fabulous! Thanks your comment on my blog and your blog is very cool, too. If you think lets follow each other on Facebook.
    Salut, Kera

  14. Love your blog ! I wish I could take a weekend to LA next month! Keep it up your doing a great job.

  15. Stunning pics and you’re so pretty. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  16. Love the jeweled shirt and boots! Very Carlifornia look with the flannel shirt around you waist! I like it! Thanks for stopping by my blog..X


  17. What a beautiful surrounding :) ! and your outfit is also interesting :D

  18. you’re so pretty and flawless :)

  19. Love your style! such a cool look. great blog

    xx Cissy

  20. I love your style!!!!

    And, thanks for checking put my blog too :)

  21. Oh Venice beach, what a beautiful place, i would like to visit there once!
    This is a simple and beautiful outfit!
    Have nice weekend!

    New post:

  22. Wow that dress and necklace looks stunning on you! Beautiful photos and blog…would you like to follow each other? If so just let us know :) xx

  23. wow awesome look dear ! I love the boots and your dress! Btw its such a great place to take a photos! :) Lovely!

  24. Great look! Love your dress!


    Deal Diary

  25. Love the urban beach look, with the great pattern mixing! Awesome, and the boots are hot!
    The peek of floral is so nice too!
    XX, Elle

  26. Thank you for your follow and I did the same for you on bloglovin! It’s a pleasure see beautiful pics like these! kisses :-)
    In The Checkout Line – Fashionblog

  27. I love your outfit! And the details on your top.


  28. Loved your boots!! and that beautiful pattern top…lovely pictures!

  29. Cute outfit and great scenery! I’m in love with that dress!


  30. hi pretty, so cool look, amazing and georgeus, i love a lot the t shirt, thanks about your visit

  31. This look is gorgeous and seriously making me wish for warmer weather. Jealous of that LA weather!

    - Gita

  32. Great look! I also love the photos!

  33. That dress is gorgeous and I love how you paired it up with that plaid shirt and brown shoes. You look beautiful!

  34. omg you look absolutely stunning !!!!!!!!
    love all the photos!!!
    thank you for your comment, hope to see you again on my blog!!

  35. Hi, Laurina, what a beautiful post, and you look just beautiful! I liked the way you layered your look, very cute, and the jewels on your T-dress are fantastic for one more reason, they beautifully match the sunshine to shine even brighter :) <3 Zhanna,

  36. You truly are beautiful! Just love your outfits and how casual it looks :) can;t wait to see more now following you! <3 xx

  37. amazing pictures girl, love venice beach by the way :). Thank you very much for your reaction on my blog, i appriciate it! Waiting for your next post…


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