Gluten Free Diet

What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in grains (wheat, rye, barley). People who have celiac disease cannot consume gluten. If consumed this will cause inflammation in their small intestine, causing discomfort in the abdominal ( this could lead into weight loss and nutrition deficiencies if continued on a gluten diet). Many who have celiac disease will have to depend on a gluten free diet. Fortunately, there are so many selections these days that can replace gluten. So you don’t have to worry about the limitation of foods! Besides avoiding ingredients like wheat, rye, barley on labels, make sure to watch out for terms MALT and HYDROLYZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN when choosing a gluten free diet!

Gluten Free Diet should AVIOD
-Most beers are made of gluten

For more info on what foods are allowed and what isn’t click HERE

Stay Hearty.

Denim jacket

IMG_3192IMG_3158 IMG_3169IMG_3180IMG_3206 IMG_3208IMG_3213IMG_3214IMG_3215 IMG_3217 IMG_3225IMG_3191

Another weekend chilling at the beach, this time with the denim jacket!! Love love this long denim, could be worn as a jacket or simply a dress! With the LA’s weather, I prefer it to let it loose and just open. White, plain dresses aren’t something I usually gravitate toward when it comes to styling. However, I was up for the challenge. With the white plain dress, I really had no idea what to pair with. I figure a chunky golden necklace would go very well, throw on a harness vest and we are all set.

Really excited to be announcing that I will be selling this denim jacket in the near future, can’t really say when yet but aiming for this year! Are you guys up for it? There are still more that I want to say but I think it’s best to wait for the day of the launch!! Will keep you guys updated! Make sure to come back for new updates!

denim jacket (Selling in the near future)
dress Urban Outfitters
harness Similiar HERE BCBG
necklace Urban Outfitters
heels Zara (also seen wearing HERE & HERE)


Eat nuts for a healthy start of the day! For those who are not allergic to nuts, I really really recommend eating this daily for all the vitamins, antioxidants they contain. All the good fats are stored in these nuts, so why not eat them. Tip of the day: Go for the healthier fats (monounsaturated fatty acids, instead of saturated fats found in animal sources).

Health benefits
-HIGH in monounsaturated fats, oleic acid
-HIGH in phenolic antioxidants.
-HIGH in vitamin E
-energy booster
-reduce breast cancer risk

Stay Hearty.

Chiffon Slip Dress

IMG_3048 IMG_3056IMG_3083IMG_3043
I have been wanting to look for the perfect slip dress for a while. For the past few months, all the slip dresses were loose in shape. I am so glad they came out with the perfect fit for all the petite ladies like me. Tight fitted on the waist and loose and flowy on the bottom. Make sure to check out Urban Outfitters, they have been coming with different colors of this exact slip dress I am wearing, love all of them.

To be completely honest with you guys, it’s getting harder to find the best locations to shoot outfits. LA lack a lot of tall beautiful structures, I guess graffiti makes up for it. Gotta love this place that I recently discovered.

d r e s s  Urban Outfitters
j a c k e t Urban Outfitters
s a n d a l s Aldo

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