Coconut Oil

 My first encounter with coconut oil was introduced by my sister. I remember she would use this as a substitute for face/body moisturizer. I thought it was quite bizarre for her to use it on her body when the common use that I know of at the time was for food. In addition, the oily/greasy texture didn’t appeal to me as a beauty use. Only till I started seeing more and more people using this as a beauty product then I started researching more about the health benefits of this oil.

Health Benefits

Source of saturated acid known as Lauric Acid, increase HDL and lower LDL.
Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
High in medium & short fatty acids, easy to digest. This is great for anyone who has diabetes or gallbladder disease.
Increase bone strength, Calcium, Vitamin D better absorbed.

Stay Hearty.

Kimono Jacket

IMG_2976 IMG_2981 IMG_2988 IMG_2998IMG_2954

There is something about Kimono jackets that is so handy for the weather like this in LA. There are days where it would be bright and sunny, but there is always that wind that tags along. With that said, the weather is not 100% like the summer weather yet. This kimono jacket is so long but very light weighted. Since it’s pretty long in length, I had to wear shorts to show the contrast of the outfit.  I  particularly love the prints and v cut of the back of this jacket. I also love love the shorts design, it’s almost like having two wings on each side! Hope you guys are having a great week so far, weekend is just around the corner! Can’t wait!

t o p  Urban Outfitters
s h o r t s Urban Outfitters
k i m o n o j a c k e t  Similiar HERE
s h o e s Jeffrey Campbell

Sodium Na+


Sodium, also known as Na+,  is a common element in our diet. Processed meats, breads, vegetables, tomatoes, soups, pasta dishes, potatoes..are some of the food sources where we can obtain sodium. Because it is such a common element found in so many different food groups we tend to consume more than the average daily amount. 9-50 years old should aim for 1500 mg/ day of sodium each day.

-Helps regulate blood pressure, nerves, muscles for proper function
-Act as functional roles: preservation for food
-Fermentation in pickled vegetables
-Inhibits growth of undesirable organisms
-Inhibit C. botulinum
-Reduces water available for bacterial growth

When we congest more than the normal intake of sodium, our bodies will start showing many serious side effects including high blood pressure, kidney and heart failures.

Stay Hearty.

Source: Health Canada

Vintage Florals

IMG_2826IMG_2873 IMG_2827IMG_2902 IMG_2829IMG_2894IMG_2884

As much as I love the modern world, I feel like I have always been obsessed with the old stuff. Particularly, vintage clothes, name it. On the weekend, I bumped into a community with vintage cars I couldn’t be happier than taking photos with them. It was definitely the perfect timing with the outfit I was wearing. One day hopefully I will own one of those cars and be able to roam out for me

Talking about outfit, this time around I wore a super sophisticated look. For all the ladies who are working and looking for a fun way to spice up your wardrobe, try this next time! Instead of wearing a dress shirt underneath the blazer, try to include some florals for the spring! And of course, I had to include those socks again! People have been thinking that these socks have been part of the heels.. Click HERE & HERE to see how I styled these socks with the outfit!

t a n k  t o p  Urban Outfitters
b l a z e r  BCBG
s k i r t  American Apparel
p u r s e  Saint Laurent
s o c k s Nasty Gal (love this)
h e e l s  Zara
Snacking on KIND SNACK

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