How to test your pH


First of, let’s clarify what is pH? pH is the measurement of hydrogen ions in a solution. The pH scale measures 0-14. Meaning the lower the pH the higher the acidity and higher the pH the higher the alkalinity. So how do you test your pH levels? You can simply purchase litmus paper, which is a yellow paper that can be bought at your local pharmacy store. There are two ways of measuring your pH at home: 1. Saliva Test or 2. Urine Test. Both of them will give you a general indication of your health. However, if you want an accurate reading blood analysis will be best.

Two Methods

1. Saliva Test
Saliva Test is usually best done after 1-2 hours of eating and please don’t brush your teeth before you test it. Anything you ingest in your mouth will just simply give a reading to what you had. First, collect a sample of saliva in a cup and dip the litmus paper into it. After the paper has made contact with the saliva, compare the color on the litmus paper with the color coded chart of the pH.

2. Urine Test
Just like the saliva test, collect a sample of urine in a cup and dip the litmus paper into it. Once there is direct contact with the litmus paper and urine compare the color on the litmus paper with the color coded chart of the pH.

pH generally fluctuates from morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, it’s best to test your pH levels through out the day for at least one week to get a better indication of your health.

Your optimal pH range should be between 7.4 to 8.0 to reduce health problems and diseases.

Stay tuned for next week post, I will be taking you into some of the acidic forming and alkalinity forming foods. What you should avoid and what you should really eat to maintain a 7.4-8.0 pH reading. And why is it important to eat alkaline forming foods. Hope this post was helpful! Let me know where your pH scale is at!

Stay Hearty.

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  2. very informative post!:) I’ve never tried to do my ph test but it sound interesting!

  3. I found this post interesting and helpful. Not only is it awesome to look great on the outside with fabaoulous outfits, but it’s important to be healthy on the inside as well. Great Post!

  4. I never thought about testing myself (I used to dangle those litmus strips in various household cleaners for fun :P). Also, just to help out, I think you accidentally put “salvia” instead of “saliva.”


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. interesting :)
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  6. I love that you’re a fashion and health blog! I’m a total health nut, but never thought of incorporating it into my blog- very creative!

  7. Hi, Laurina, thank you so much for such great info, that’s exactly what my husband needs to have tested. Need to inquire at the pharmacy about the litmus paper and get him do it. waiting for your next post darling! have a great week! <3

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