Sodium Na+


Sodium, also known as Na+,  is a common element in our diet. Processed meats, breads, vegetables, tomatoes, soups, pasta dishes, potatoes..are some of the food sources where we can obtain sodium. Because it is such a common element found in so many different food groups we tend to consume more than the average daily amount. 9-50 years old should aim for 1500 mg/ day of sodium each day.

-Helps regulate blood pressure, nerves, muscles for proper function
-Act as functional roles: preservation for food
-Fermentation in pickled vegetables
-Inhibits growth of undesirable organisms
-Inhibit C. botulinum
-Reduces water available for bacterial growth

When we congest more than the normal intake of sodium, our bodies will start showing many serious side effects including high blood pressure, kidney and heart failures.

Stay Hearty.

Source: Health Canada

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