Turkey Less Thanksgiving

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U.S. Thanksgiving is just around the corner before you know it. It is a holiday to say thanks and express your appreciation to the ones you love. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been part of my life and has helped shape the person that I am now! Without you all I will never be the same. And I would like to say that even though I have started this blog one month ago, I really appreciate the supportive comments that I have been getting! So, thank you!

Twice a year turkey is indulged on for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Turkey is such a common ritual food that we may not even consider purchasing meat less alternatives. Above displays two of the recent purchases I have made to try for Thanksgiving dinner. Tofurky is a brand that I have been trying out for months and let me tell you they are one of the masters when it comes to vegan foods. Trader Joe’s is something new I have been taste testing. Their Turkey-Less Stuffed Roasts are so crispy on the outside while still staying delicate within. I have given my non-vegan friends a try and they were astonished by how similar this can mimic to the real thing. I do have to say though these products contain soy and wheat products. For those who are allergic, I am sorry that these products aren’t suitable for you. There are so many options out there I am sure there are other alternatives that suit your needs.

There are definitely doubts when it comes to vegan foods. Many people are skeptical of meat less products and are always judging these products as something you will never get your nutrients at. I can say for sure, I have no doubts of the nutrition in vegan foods, there are definitely enough proteins to satisfy your body’s needs. “Never judge the book by its cover”, yup that’s definitely true. Don’t judge too quickly if you haven’t had the chance to experience vegan foods yourself, otherwise you are missing out the good stuff!


Stay Hearty!

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  2. neat ideas! :D i’d love to try those!

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  3. I’m not a vegan but when I have a choice I’ll always choose veggies over meat, if you make it good everything is tasty! XO


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