White Stripes or Black Stripes

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Two weeks ago roaming around Beverly and found this hidden structure in the busy street of town. Just when you thought you know the ins and outs of the area, you find new surprises..

I felt a little creative yesterday and started placing different shades of photos together and created the 2nd photo above. I feel like every photo can be interpreted in multiple ways. Not sure what I was thinking when I was putting that collage together..definitely enjoyed that though. Hope you guys like it too!

Hope you guys are having a fabulous summer, LA’s been extremely hot and really killing me! Let it rain, Let it rain..

top Topshop
bottoms Zara
sunglasses Victoria Beckham
case Celine
slip ons Urban Outfitters

8 Responses to White Stripes or Black Stripes

  1. Love the stripes on you with the crop top! I really enjoy the creative photography, too!
    You are looking so beautiful!
    xx, Elle

  2. Very cool photos, I adore your pants.

  3. great top, stripes good idea,nice structure background

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